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Jide Technology


Jide Technology is a technology startup founded in 2014 by three Silicon Valley ex-Googlers. As a company, Jide’s mission is to build products that provide the best productivity experience in the mobile era of computing, in turn, removing barriers to access of information and technology.

Based in Beijing, China, Jide is the developer of some of the most innovative hardware products that fully utilizes the capacity of mobile technology. Through their pocket-sized devices and their own light-weight operating system, Jide can enable anyone to own and access the full capacity of a computer for a significantly lower cost.

Through TechSoup, Jide is offering discounted prices for their Remix Mini, a pocket-sized computer that can be plugged to anything with a screen, such as an old monitor or a TV, and instantaneously equips that device with their signature Remix operating system. Through Remix Mini, nonprofit organizations can fully utilize the Android app ecosystem but with the intuitive user-interface of a PC.